Our Strategy

SugarOak is focused on the preservation of capital and investor return. Our experience in investing in commercial real estate through diverse economic cycles has helped refine our conservative approach, which is comprised of three basic principles:

Market Fundamentals
We invest in markets with high growth potential. We invest in property types that we know. We target assets in prime locations and use geographic diversification as a risk management approach.


Off Market Opportunities
Through our national network of contacts, SugarOak sources highly selective deals on a directly negotiated basis with motivated sellers.​

Active Management
We establish a business plan for each asset identifying strategies to optimize income and maximize investor return at exit. Strategies include:


Addressing deferred maintenance, rectifying site design problems and updating the physical appearance of the property.


Financial Restructuring​

Utilizing in-house expertise in sourcing the proper debt structure and loan-to-value for each asset, recognizing the need for debt to accommodate the initial acquisition as well as the exit strategy.

Adding value by better integrating the property with the needs of the community through change of use and improvement of  the tenant mix.

Lease Up
Growing net operating income and stabilizing an asset through increasing occupancy, securing stronger credit tenants, and helping existing tenants improve their sales.


Operational Improvement
Adding value by improving operational efficiencies, on-site presence, tenant relationships and maintenance programs.

Disciplined Exit Strategy
Maximizing return by recycling capital when the property return is maximized. Reinvesting the capital into opportunities with higher growth potential or returning the equity to investors.

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